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We Are Experienced CNC Precision Machining Parts & Components Provider

As a customer-oriented company, we provide various CNC machinings services such as CNC turning, CNC milling, wire EDM cutting, swiss machining, and 5-axis machining, which will meet your pluralistic needs as better as possible.
Focus on CNC precision hardware parts processing, tolerance down to ± 0.01mm

Welcome To QH Technology

Our Company

Set up in 2004, Hongkong QH Technology Co.,Ltd. is a customer-oriented enterprise focusing on the design and processing of CNC precision hardware parts and components. With seasoned experience in the CNC machining field, QH has served 400+ clients along with more than 3000 projects.

Specializing in CNC precision machining parts, we combine the customer’s specific needs with systematic processing, to provide you with low-cost, high-quality integrated solutions. Numerous CNC machining parts and components that we manufactured have been widely applied in medical, automobile, telecommunication, new energy, aerospace, and many other industries.

Holding the business philosophy of customer focus, QH has formed a distinctive corporate culture, which can be concluded as ‘ Clarifying our value by empowering customers ‘. Using products as a bridge, we clarify our value by creating real value for our commercial partners.

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Years Of Experience

Processing Technic

CNC Precision Machining Parts

We are producing machining partsCNC Precision machining parts, covering CNC turning, CNC milling, wire EDM cutting, swiss machining, 5-axis machining, and others. Nowadays, because of strong machining capabilityhigh precision, and high efficiency, undoubtedly, CNC Turn-milling machine tools will be more widely used in the machining industry

CNC Milling

We Will Provide Best CNC Milling Service For Your Business

CNC Turning

We can manufacture rotary parts with high precision requirements.

5 Axis Machining

We offer advanced services which improve flexibility and speed.


Auto Metal Parts

The ideal manufacturing solution for on demand auto metal parts.

Precision Electronic Parts

Automatic Production With Secondary Processing And 100% Full-size Inspection

Medical Parts

Continually stays abreast of technology associated with medical industry precision machining.

Why Choose Us

Why You Can Choose QH Technology to Deliver

Specialized Services

QH Technology has a team of professional and highly skilled engineers and technicians, we can help tackle your concerns with 1-on-1 technical support and professional design support. We are experts at machining precision parts and components from prototype to low volume production. The very best high-precision CNC machines and well-trained machinists make quality craftsmanship possible.

Quality Assurance

We are an ISO 9001 certified and IATF 16949 registered company that strictly implements intensive quality control and quality assurance measures to ensure consistent high-value end products manufacturing on demand. We regard quality as the life of our company. Our specialist engineers provide expert advice and feedback that helps optimize your design, save cost and achieve better or more consistent quality control through standardization.

Industry-specific Experience

Our precision applications are perfect for the aerospace and defense, automotive, medical, new energy, industrial, electronics, telecommunications, fiber and many more. We have technicians with rich experience and a complete range of processing equipment. With a wide variety of manufacturing capabilities, we support technical modifications of our equipment to produce on demand and create parts with complex geometric designs and highly cosmetic demands.

Simple Business Philosophy

We have built our business with a simple philosophy: deliver exceptional value. We adhere to the customer first, long-term focus on industry development, cutting-edge technology and product quality. QH Technology distinguishes itself by offering one-stop service to streamline your project and providing expedited deliveries. Our goal is to make your job easier. QH Technology believes that delivering exceptional value time and time again is the key to building long-term, solid customer relationships.

Instant Quotation

Get pricing, lead times and design-for-manufacturing feedback in a matter of clicks. We turn all quotes around within 48 hours, so you’ll never be left waiting for our team. Send your drawings in any format you like and we promise to provide a quote as soon as the same day.

Rapid Delivery

Our self-owned factories support rapid prototyping and custom manufacturing all under one roof. We have some of the fastest machining centers on the market and we run 24 hours a day to expect shorter lead times.


We Are Experts In CNC Machining

QH Technology offers world-class CNC Precision Machining Parts services whether you prototyping intricate CNC metal parts or high-volume production of samples. As an ISO 9001 certified company, QH is ready to be your manufacturing partner.


ISO 9001:2015
Intellectual Property Management System Certificate
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Our Process

How We Works


Fill in some information about your project, and you will receive a short quote. We will send you design for manufacturability analysis if necessary.


Confirm the design plan and sample of product, and we will start the manufacturing process. We also offer different finishing options.


Your prototypes or custom manufactured parts will be full-size inspected, well packaged and shipped.


We look forward to being your sincere partner for long-term cooperation and progress