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Factors Affecting the Price of CNC Machining

It is beyond reproach that the advantages of CNC machining methods for some complex and special-shaped parts are unmatched by ordinary lathe machining. Under such powerful advantages, CNC machining methods continue to be favored by entrepreneurs, so today we will analyze some factors that determine the price of CNC machining.

Factors Affecing The Price

1. The Material

As we all know, different raw materials are always an important factor in determining the price trend. Of course, the quality of the material is the other important factor in determining the quality of the workpiece.


Fine tolerances can reduce the scrap rate of workpiece machining, which also means a higher price.

3. The Quantity

We all know that the workpiece needs to be programmed before processing. Whether it is processing 1 piece or 1000 pieces, the programming time is the same, so batch processing can reduce the programming cost, thereby reducing the overall price.

4. Processing Time

This is easy to understand. The longer a workpiece needs to be processed, the higher the processing cost.

5. Delivery Time

In addition to normal orders, we can also see that some urgent orders usually need to be processed. For these urgent orders, more employees need to be coordinated for processing and subsequent delivery. Other orders are naturally one of the costs, or we can simply understand them as expedited fees. Of course, in the actual processing, we also have to calculate the cost according to the actual situation.

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