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Wire EDM

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Since 2004, QH Technology has been providing reliable and affordable machining and milling solutions. Chosen by hundreds of clients, we have a wide range of EDM capabilities, which may bring you unexpected superfine quality and considerate service. We have been equipped with a series of Seibu wire moving machines imported from Japan as well as other advanced EDM equipment, like mirror EDM. Our constant investment in technology, manpower, and equipment enables us to deliver exceptional value to every customer.

What is Wire EDM?

Wire EDM(WEDM) is a variation of the EDM technique and is usually used to cut plates or form joints, tools, or punches of harder metals that are difficult to machine with conventional processes. The basic working principle is to use a continuously moving fine metal wire as an electrode to process the desired shape or finish of the workpiece by pulsed spark discharge. Unlike traditional machining techniques that require mechanical force and mechanical energy to remove, WEDM mainly uses electrical energy to achieve the processing of materials, so it can process materials of any hardness, strength, and brittleness, thus occupying a very important position in the current stage of machining.


  • Not limited by the hardness and rigidity of the workpiece, but can only machine metal materials that can conduct electricity.
  • Small holes and complex-shaped parts can be machined, but blind holes cannot be machined by wire EDM.
  • Small loss of electrode wire and high machining accuracy.

What Benefits Can Our Clients Get From Wire EDM?

High production efficiency

The electrode of EDM wire cutting is 0.03~0.35mm metal wire (QH mainly uses copper wire), so there is no need to process special electrodes, which greatly saves processing time.

High safety

The working fluid of wire-cutting is non-flammable, which makes it possible for unmanned operation.

Saving material

Since the metal wire is only about 0.3mm, the cutter of the product is very small after processing, which greatly improves the material utilization rate and reduces the material cost. This feature makes EDM wire cutting have the superiority that other machining techniques don’t own when it comes to processing precious metals.

Wide processing range

EDM wire-cut products are not affected by the hardness of the material and can process conductive metal materials that cannot be processed by other processes. Moreover, the material can be heat-treated before processing, avoiding the deformation problem caused by heat treatment of the product.

High processing accuracy

Although slow-walking wire can't reuse wire electrodes as fast-walking wire, it can produce products with micron-level precision.

Low requirement for product shape

Wire EDM can process almost any shape of the product except for the corners inside the product where the influence of metal wire and gap needs to be paid attention to.

Three Different Types of Wire EDM

Walks with a speed of 6-12 m / s, but less cutting accuracy than the other two methods. 

Walks with a speed of 0.2 m / s, but its cutting accuracy is very high. 

Based on high-speed wire moving, Medium-speed wire moving is a new process developed in recent years, achieving frequency conversion of multiple cutting functions.

The table on right lists the parameters of these three EDM wire-cutting processes in different dimensions.

Our Service

Application of Wire EDM

Processing Special Materials

When it comes to cutting some metal with high hardness and high melting point, using mechanical processing methods is almost impossible, while applying wire EDM can be economic and accurate.

Processing Mold Parts

Wire EDM processing is mainly used in punching dies, extrusion dies, plastic dies, electrode processing of EDM cavity dies, etc. Due to the rapid improvement of speed and accuracy, it has now reached a level that can compete with coordinate grinders.

Trial Product New Parts

The process of new product development usually requires a single piece of the sample. However, wire EDM can produce parts without molds, which can greatly shorten the development cycle of new products and reduce the cost of trial production.


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