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Medical Parts

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CNC 5-axis Machining Medical Parts

For relating to human life and health, medical components machining is a process that requires precision and high accuracy, which can be satisfied by CNC machining technology greatly. Thus, CNC processing like 5-axis machining has been used widely in the medical field. Typical products in this aspect include medical implants, machined surgical instruments, machined parts for electronic medical equipment and micromachining, etc. In addition to meeting the ISO 9001 quality management requirements that most common metal parts must meet, medical components also usually need to meet the specific qualification standard of the medical industry ISO 13485, which is a further expansion of the content related to the medical industry in the ISO 9001.

Equipped with 5-axis machining centers, swiss lathes, and systematic manufacturing machines, QH has the capability of 5-axis milling and micromachining. All kinds of facilities are strictly controlled by high standards. The medical components delivered for you will be manufactured with the highest precision and cleanliness.

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