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Chosen by hundreds of customers, QH Technology provides precision CNC Swiss Machining services from a wide range of industries, including automotive, electronics, new energy, fiber-optical, aerospace, etc. Especially, we process small parts of intricate and complex shapes with large volume from a variety of materials. Moreover, we can accommodate component diameters up to 38mm, and machining in the hardened state, while holding tight tolerances of ±0.01mm.

What is Swiss Machining?

Swiss machining is an economic and precision processing way favored by many of our customers. Swiss lathes can simultaneously complete turning, milling, drilling, boring, tapping, engraving, and other composite processing, mainly used for precision hardware, and shaft non-standard parts of the batch processing.Compared with the CNC lathe, the swiss lathe has a qualitative leap in processing efficiency and processing accuracy. Due to the use of two-axis row of tools, the production cycle time has been reduced greatly by shortening the row of tools and the tool exchange time. The chip tool is always processed in the spindle and workpiece clamping part, ensuring constant accuracy of machining.

Now, QH not only has been equipped with various types of swiss lathes imported from Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and other countries, but also has machines made by enterprises with a high reputation in China .

Advantages of Swiss Machining

Shorten Machining Process

Swiss machining can complete all or most of the processes in one setup, thus greatly shortening the manufacturing chain and significantly improving production efficiency, which means that you could be delivered with satisfactory products in a short lead time.

Increase Accuracy

The reduction of loading avoids the accumulation of errors caused by the transformation of positioning reference. Meanwhile, most of our swiss lathes have the function of online inspection, which can realize the accuracy control of key data in the manufacturing process, promising high-standard precision of each workpiece.

Reduce Production Cost

Although the unit price of the swiss lathe is relatively high, it can conspicuously shorten the manufacturing chain and the workshop floor space, as well as equipment maintenance costs. Therefore, swiss lathes are widely favored by our customers.

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